Everyone Their Grain of Sand continues its 15 city theatrical tour of Mexico


Director Visits Oaxaca as part of Tour

This month Everyone Their Grain of Sand continues its 15 city theatrical tour of Mexico as part of Ambulante. Screening dates and location are listed below. For screening times please visit:


Created by Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, Ambulanteís mission is to ìbring documentary films to places where they are rarely seen in order to build an audience that can actively participate in the re-imagi(ni)ng of a diversified media culture...hoping to simultaneously mobilize public opinion and transform the cinematic landscape in Mexico.î Films screen at 18 major cineplexes throughout Mexico.

In addition to Everyone Their Grain of Sand, this yearís line-up is comprised of over 20 award-winning films, including Academy Award winner Inconvenient Truth, Academy Award nominee Jesus Camp, Independent Spirit Award winner The Road to Guantanamo, Maquilapolis, and many others. See website for complete film listings.

Director Beth Bird will be present for a Q&A following the screening is Oaxaca on Friday, March 16.




  Electricity and Water

  The New School

  Confrontation With
  Cecelia Barone

  At Home with Paz Dominguez

  KPFK's Uprising (November, 2004)

  KPFK's Uprising (June, 2005)

  Santa Fe Radio Cafe

  The Other LA

  The Women's Show

  Vienna Radio Appearance 2004

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